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 2013 DUFF & TAFF Gathering


The recipients of this year's Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, Jim Mowatt  (Right) of the U.K., and Down Under Fan Fund, Bill Wright (Left) of Australia,  visited New Orleans right after WorldCon, from September 3rd- 5th.  Both flew out on the 6th, Jim back home and Bill on to his next US stop. 

A small party was held for them with local fandom at the home of Janice and David of Metairie.

In case you're asking yourself just what TAFF and DUFF are:
 "The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, often known as TAFF, was created in 1953 for the purpose of providing funds to bring well-known and popular members of science fiction fandom familiar to fans on both sides of the ocean, across the Atlantic ...Since that time TAFF has regularly brought North American fans to European conventions and European fans to North American conventions...Winning TAFF candidates are expected to write a trip report, which customarily takes the form of a fanzine or a series of fanzine articles. These fanzines are sometimes sold in order to help raise funds towards future TAFF trips. In addition, winners take over the administration of the fund for their region (Europe or North America) until the next regional TAFF delegate is selected (usually a period of two years, unless the next race is delayed)."
"The Down Under Fan Fund, also known as DUFF, was created by John Foyster in 1970 as a means of increasing the face-to-face communication between science fiction fans in Australia and New Zealand, and North America... He based the procedures of DUFF on the already-existing TAFF."
By: Rebecca Smith, Commander Area 504

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