Area 504 Science Fiction Krewe, New Orleans, Area


Article 1: The Club

1. The club shall be known as Area 504.

2. Area 504 is the New Orleans area society for the preservation and consumption of science fiction and alcoholic beverages. We exist to promote science fiction and fandom in all their forms and to provide fellowship and a sense of community for all of local fandom and to throw lots of parties.

3. Monthly business meetings shall be held on the third Saturday of the month, unless moved to another date for that month by a vote of the membership.

4. Meetings shall be presided over by the Captain, unless he or she is not present, in which case the Commander shall be the presiding officer. In the event that neither the Captain nor the Commander can attend a meeting, the Captain may appoint any other member to serve as presiding officer.

Article 2: Members

1. Minimum age for membership shall be 18.Those under 18 will be admitted with written parental approval, but they will not be eligible to hold office, nor will they be given access to the booze. Those over 18 but under 21 will be admitted without parental approval with full privileges, except that they will not be given access to the booze.

2. Annual dues shall be $5.00 payable upon entry into the club and renewed annually in January. Lifetime memberships will be available for $50.00. Membership fees are not refundable. Club members' children who are under 21 and full-time students may be admitted as Family Members, with their parents' permission, without payment of dues at the discretion of the Captain. Family Members are entitled to all membership privileges except voting, holding office and access to the booze.

3. Members shall have the following privileges: voting, holding office, crashing in the club room at cons for $10.00 per night (non-members may do so for $15.00), invitations with one guest to all club functions, whether open or closed, first crack at the booze and any other privileges that may become available as the situation dictates.

4. Dues shall provide for website maintenance, fundraising expenses and seed money for con activities as well as other expenses as voted upon by the membership.

5. The Captain has the full right and authority to refuse membership to anyone seeking to join the club by the act of refusing to accept payment of dues and ordering the refund of the same if accepted by anyone else receiving payment for this purpose. The Captain also has the full right and authority to remove any currently paid member from the club by notifying the member removed and the club membership prior to or during the next meeting after removal and refunding the full amount of dues paid.

Article 3: Officers

1. The position of president shall be known as the Captain. Duties shall consist of presiding over meetings, acting as liaison with other area clubs, appointing ad hoc officers and committees, publicizing and promoting the club, coordinating the efforts of the other officers and acting as general activities coordinator.

2. The position of vice president shall be known as the Commander. Duties shall consist of presiding at meeting in the absence of the Captain and carrying out other duties, as they shall be assigned by the Captain.

3. The position of Treasurer shall be known as the Purser. The Purser shall be responsible for the receipt and custody of all club funds, disbursement of money as authorized, keeping an accurate account of all income and expenditures, keeping the official membership roll and notifying the Comm Officer of all changes to the membership roll. The Purser shall deliver to the membership quarterly in March, June, September and December a full accounting of all income, expenditures and funds remaining from the fore-going quarter and the year thus far both in person at a regular, business meeting and via the members-only mailing list.

4. The secretary shall be known as the Communications Officer (Comm Officer). The Comm Officer shall keep minutes at meetings, issue a summary of the minutes within one week of the meeting via email and on the club website, maintain the events calendar on the email list, maintain the members-only email list, keep records of all contact information for club members and call Mike Guerber.

5. The Webmeister shall design and maintain the club website,, post minutes received from the Comm Officer and update the online calendar. It shall be an appointed position.

6. Ad hoc officers will be those individuals appointed by the Captain to accomplish a specific task or arrange and preside over a specific event with duties to be determined by circumstances and the requirements of the task. These include, but are not limited to, video room coordinator, party coordinator, panel moderator etc…

7. An elected officer may be removed for cause by a 2/3’s vote of the membership.

8. A vacated office, except for the Captaincy, shall be filled by an appointee of the Captain?s for the remainder of the term. The position of Captain, if vacant, shall be filled by the Commander until the expiration of the term.

9. No person may be elected to office unless that person has been a member of the club for the 12 months previous to the election at which the person is seeking office and any such person must have attended 6 club meetings during that period. This prohibition shall not apply to any persons appointed to fill the unexpired term of a vacant office nor shall it apply to any appointed officer of the club. However, should an officer appointed by the Captain to fill an unexpired term seek election to that or any other office, the prohibition will apply.

Article 4: Voting Procedures

1. One vote per member.

2. Absentee votes shall be submitted in writing to the Comm Officer prior to elections.

3. Votes shall be tallied by the Comm Officer and Purser, who shall verify that all votes are cast by members in good standing.

4. Annual Elections of officers shall take place at the February business meeting. Nominations will be accepted at the January business meeting and the new slate of officers will take office in March.

5. One person may only occupy one office at a time, excepting ad hoc offices.

6. Elections shall be by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the votes will be recast unless, at the option of the candidates, it will be decided upon by a game of chance chosen by consensus of the members present.

Article 5: Fiscal Policy

1. All anticipated expenses shall be presented in advance for the approval of the membership.

2. Emergency, ad hoc expenditures of $5.00 or less may be approved by the Bursar, Captain or presiding, ad hoc officer.

3. All ad hoc officers and chairs of ad hoc committees shall be responsible for a full accounting of the income and expenditures associated with the event over which they presided both to the Purser in writing and the membership in person at a monthly business meeting.

4. Legitimate receipts must be provided for all expenditures. In the absence of a receipt, the club will graciously accept your donation.

Article 6: Miscellaneous

1. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members at a regular, monthly business meeting, providing that the proposed amendment shall have been posted in the notice for that meeting.

2. Area 504 will not be liable for injuries incurred by persons attending the club meetings or events.

3. Neither these by-laws, nor any club description, website content, minutes, nor other club reports or published material shall be construed to permit, promote or condone any activity illegal under applicable federal, state or local laws._

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